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We are a team of sales brokers and marketing consultants that harness technology, alongside our relationships, to help you build a bigger pipeline and win more deals.

Our Growth Portfolio Includes


Learn more about our industry partnerships and sector expertise by getting in touch with one of our brokers today.

Automotive and Transportation

Collaborate with the biggest names in the auto and mobility sector

From personal mobility to sustainable supply chains, we connect some of the brightest minds in logistics and transportation across the globe.


Discuss the future of energy production and distribution

Make a real difference to the world through practical conversations about providing clean and affordable energy solutions worldwide.

Financial Services and FinTech

Be part of the financial technology revolution

Transform the provision of banking, insurance and payments through peer to peer relationships across the world of finance.

Healthcare, Education and Public Sector

Help shape a positive future for health and education

Access the hardest to reach parts of an industry facing the biggest challenges of the 21st century by engaging via round tables and virtual events.

Retail, Leisure and Hospitality

Talk to the world about your cutting edge retail technology solutions

Engage with key decision makers in the world of online retail, e-commerce and supply chain management by working with our expert team of brokers.

Telecoms and Utilities

Drive the even distribution of water, power and communications

Be part of the change our world is facing as we move towards a more global, integrated world built around smart cities, remote working and IOT enabled devices.

Meet The Team

Find out more about our team of sales brokers, industry experts and implementation specialists.

James Brayshaw

Sales broker with analytical approach to the design and execution of tech based growth strategies.


Will Coldwell

Growth system implementation specialist with experience in aviation and integrated drone solutions.


Harry McLaverty

Founder of partner fund, SimplifyVC. Specialist in concept-stage funds and early-stage venture investment


Jane Dobner

An accomplished pharmaceutical and biotech professional specialising in strategy and business development.


Mark Neale

Inbound marketing, content strategy and HubSpot specialist (Founder of Prosperly - a Winshaw partner agency).


Rebecca Genovese

Senior training consultant who delivers learning and development programmes to high growth teams.


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